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Some of the Ian S Roger fleet - see more on our Gallery page
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Ian S Roger's trucks visit most parts of mainland Britain on a regular weekly basis, transporting a range of loads from finished wood products to a huge variety of agricultural produce. Backloads are sourced from a group of long standing contacts. The firm is also well placed for the movement of non-perishable foods, wool, bulk grain and feed stuffs, all of which form a considrable part of the north east's core economy plus the trend in eating habits has seen the percentage of organic products transported rise steeply.

On the livestock side there are many customers too numerous to mention who have been with Ian S Roger since day one. The family enjoys good face to face contact with its rural and local customers, most of which are on first name terms.

In 2007 the firm designed its own computer programme for tracking and recording loads and this has produced an accurate database which is easy to consult and audit. It has now been adopted by other haulage contractors but remains licensed to Ian S Roger.

The family are all members of the Keith Country Show and help out whenever they can at the annual display. This involvement spurred Graeme and Colin to incorporate a truck show into the popular farming event a few years ago and having been sponsored by the Ian S Roger business since its inception, the gathering of commercial vehicles attracts around 40 HGVs - it attracts entrants from all over Scotland.



Keith Country Show