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The Fleet

There has always been a good mix of vehicle makes in Ian S Roger Ltd's fleet which currently stands at 19 vehicles and today solitary examples of a DAF XF and a new Renault Premium are complemented by MANs, Scanias and Volvos. The official dealerships for these brands are first located close by in Elgin, with Baillie Brothers and Elgin Truck and Van Centre, whilst the relevant Scania and Volvo centres are slightly further along the A96 in Inverness.

All those mentioned come in for positive comments from the family, with Scania's workshop turnaround times being worthy of a specific mention.

New trucks are now purchased with R&M packages and only DAF can supply the famous Rover Sand colour as a factory finish.

Carefully selected second hand purchases have always been a consideration at Newton of Forgie and, even after a working life with the Rogers, many have been resold on and are still delivering sterling service.

Just like their prime movers, the around 30 strong trailer fleet is also a variety of types with livestock movers being a mix of Houghton Parkhouse and J & P Dunn, Bodybuilders of Laurencekirk construction. The tipper, flat and curtainside collection consists of Fruehauf, Montracon, Weightlifter and Wilcox badges and all are maintained in-house.

The supply of parts and mechanical repair components in this area is rated as excellent and the Rogers use a mixture of original dealership or factor's spares. Availability and price are the two key requirements with parts and the frequent delivery services by Baillie Brothers, CV Components and Dinbgro are all greatly appreciated.

Despite the fact that this is a rurally based business, the nearest VOSA testing sation is just a few minute's drive away in Keith and is open four days a week.

Michelin tyres are ther top choice for Ian S Roger's fleet and the general consensus is that they're best for the ultimate lifetime mileage. Whilst ATS provide puncture cover for the long distance trucks down south, Dingwall Tyres are chosesn for the time critical livestock trailer operations across the north of Scotland.

Some years ago , Corgi ,the diecast model makers, approached the Roger Family and asked if they could make a model of one of their tractor units with a livestock trailer. The family readily agreed and the chosen unit was a 2003 Foden Alpha with a Houghton Parkhouse 2/4 deck livestock trailer, scale 1:50. It is now much sought after by collectors because Foden ceased production in 2005 and livestock trailers are much less common than other articulated trailers.

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The firm operates a variety of trailer types and makes

Scania Tipper Combination

Fresh from the washbay! Livestock trucks are subject to scrupulous levels of cleanliness.  Houghton Parkhouse livestock trailers are the preferred choice at Newton of Forgie

Recently arrived Renault Premium has been a revelation for its drivers